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Until Internet Radio came along, no one would have ever thought an all-patriotic music radio station was possible.

But thanks to Radio George, here it is--America's Station!

Actually, let's give credit where it's due: In early June of 2008, George's wife Nancy suggested the idea for the station. Her thinking was that many people see fireworks shows every year but not everyone has the luxury of watching fireworks shot off to the timed accompaniment of music, usually on a local radio station.

For many people, exact synchronization isn't necessary, as long as there's suitable music playing. Also, the accompaniment of patriotic music makes family get-togethers and Fourth of July celebrations more meaningful, as well as fun.

So whether it's Independence Day or any occasion for which you'd like to add the evocative meaning of patriotic music, now all you have to do is tune to America's Station.

As you may be aware, each time you listen to any Radio George station, the order is which the music is aired is different than the last time you tuned in. Listeners love the variety the random rotation provides.

In order to help you identify a particular piece of music you like on America's Station, here's the complete playlist as a reference guide. Remember, the songs are not necessarily aired in the order listed here.

The light blue highlight indicates an instrumental selection.


 40 Hour Week

 Arlo Guthrie

 City of New Orleans

 Arthur Fielder & the Boston Pops Orchestra

 Yankee Doodle Dandy

 Asleep at the Wheel

 Route 66

 Bette Midler

 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

 Boston Pops  El Capitan

 Boston Pops

 Stars & Stripes Forever

 Brentwood Kids  This Land is Your Land
 Brentwood Studio Musicians  Battle Hymn of the Republic

 Brotherhood of Man

 United We Stand

 Capitol Symphony Orchestra


 Charlie Daniels

 In America

 Craig Duncan

 Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean

 Darryl Worley

 Have You Forgotten?

 Don Marsh Orchestra & Singers  Armed Forces Medley
 Don Marsh Orchestra & Singers  My Country 'Tis of Thee

 Eddie Rabbitt

 American Boy

 Elton John

 Philadelphia Freedom

 Elvis Presley

 Promised Land

 Emerson, Lake & Palmer

 Fanfare for The Common Man

 Felix Slatkin

 National Emblem

 Frank Sinatra

 The House I Live In

 Glenn Miller & the Army Air Force Band

 St. Louis Blues March

 Great American Main Street Band

 The Liberty Bell

 Jay and the Americans

 Only in America

 John Mellancamp

 R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A

 John Philip Sousa

 Semper Fidelis

 John Philip Sousa  The Liberty Bell

 John Williams

 The Olympic Spirit

 Kate Smith

 God Bless America

 Keith Lockhart

 The Doodletown Pipers

 Kevin Gaffney

 O Beautiful for Spacious Skies

 Lee Greenwood

 God Bless the U.S.A.

 Leonard Slatkin

 Washington Post March

 Linda Ronstadt

 Back in the U.S.A.

 Mannheim Steamroller

 America the Beautiful

 Martina McBride

 Independence Day

 Merle Haggard

 America First

 MGM Studio Orchestra

 Strike Up the Band

 Mormon Tabernacle Choir

 Anchors Aweigh

 Mormon Tabernacle Choir

 The Caissons Go Rolling Along

 Mormon Tabernacle Choir  The Marine's Hymn

 Neil Diamond


 Oak Ridge Boys

 American Made

 Patriotic Players  The Thunderer March

 Philadelphia Orchestra/Mormon Tab Choir

 Anchors Aweigh

 Robert Crawford & USAF Brass Quintet  The US Air Force Song
 Statler Brothers  Amazing Grace

 The Spitfire Band

 American Patrol

 Toby Keith

 American Soldier

 US Military Academy Band

 When Johnny Comes Marching Home


  Copyright  Radio George LLC  All Rights Reserved

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